About me


Welcome in the photography world - through my heart & eyes.

Photographer is a passion that allows me to look at the happiness of others and capture this happiness in the form of images so that you can cherish them today, tomorrow and forever. Everyone is different and I always try to capture this uniqueness of each person. There are no two same pictures because there are no two the same people. My photos are personalized and created in my clients' favorite locations.

I love that each photo I take is able to recreate the love, joy and beauty in a single shot.

I am regenerating memories through natural portraits with natural light. Nature is as varied as people - combined together creates unique images. In addition, we feel free at the background of nature, which allows me to create portraits showing real emotions.

So, if after viewing my website you feel that you like my style and this is what you are looking for, I invite you to contact me.