Welcome SEPTEMBER and Back to School!

On different days, in different schools and areas, but it starts in early September. For my daughter, this will be her final year 6 in Primary School.

After a long time at home, learning remotely, holidays for some also at home, and for some real ones with a note of uncertainty and perhaps another quarantine passed, we start the New School Year 2020/20201.

Am I happy? Very much. Is my child happy? Very much.

Because she misses normality, friends, routine, fun, learning ... and being just a child, life as before ...

Whether it will be as it used to be, it will certainly be different, which does not mean worse, just different. It will be as we try to make it. Because a lot also depends on us parents, in my opinion. When WE parents are afraid and insecure, our children capture the same vibes from us. As we try to be positive and forward, so will our children's problems / changes.

That's why I teach my child to be responsible, but not to go crazy at the same time. Children these days have enough pressure to deal with and lots of to catch up.

Therefore, I wish all children and parents POSITIVE thinking. Do not let fear make decisions for you and be a determinant of your life.

Everything can be done differently, in a new way ... you just have to open up. The sooner we learn to live in these strange times the better for all of us. And let everyone do it in their own way. Without judging. As it feels. Because today pandemic is like politics, it divides us too often instead of joining us. So, keep your head up and let's start this year with a smile. Children already have a lot of lost time behind them, so let's not give them more.

GOOD LUCK to all students this year! May this school year be less shaky and more surprisingly positive and successful after all!

Year 6 – keep the memories, take pictures and enjoy.

Year 7 – enjoy your first days. You are the first-generation ending year 6 differently and starting year 7 differently. Is it wrong? Or is it better to think of exceptional!? You will surely be remembered in history. In a few years you will be telling about this whole story and teaching the next generation how to overcome new changes and situations.

To those who are starting their adventure for the first time, I wish you to get full at every possible moment, because time flies very fast!

Ohhh… and remember to take photos, parents. Take them for your children, because in a few years they will be a precious memory. Selfie is great (I have it too :-) ) but portrait is timeless. Selfie style changes daily and the portrait becomes timeless.

Have a great School Year in spite of all X


Children these days have enough pressure to deal with so let's helped them to stay positive and enjoy more.

Good luck!